DSActive Healthier Lifestyles App

We are looking for an enthusiastic M.Sc. by Research student interested in working in partnership with the Down’s Syndrome Association UK and Middlesex University London to develop an app to provide advice on the go to encourage healthier lifestyles in people with Down’s syndrome, with emphasis on nutrition and weight management. The student will be based at the Hendon campus of Middlesex University and will be working in close cooperation with the DSActive team, a programme run by the Down’s Syndrome Association to provide sporting opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome.

The app will be developed for mobile phones running on Android and will consist of three parts:

  • Weight management: track weight and calories burning through daily activity.
  • Nutrition: designed to provide healthy eating advice, healthy recipes, and a way of tracking food consumption.
  • The integration of the two systems described above in one app.

The selected student is expected to have some experience of developing for Android platforms. Mobile phones for development and testing will be provided by Middlesex University.

The app would need to be developed in a way which would suit the needs of people with Down’s syndrome, for example poor visual acuity. The chosen student would have plenty of assistance from the DSActive team, including any information they require on Down’s syndrome.

The chosen student would be provided with a grant to contribute to their study costs, totalling £6k. From this £4,500 will be destined to cover the tuition fees whilst the remaining can be used by the student towards the cost of living. All other living costs should be covered by the student.

The candidate will start the 12 months long MSc by Research program in October 2017, the app will be piloted on people with Down’s syndrome who are part of the DSActive programme. The app would need to be finished by the end of July 2018 when it is expected to be officially launched and have it available for all people with Down’s syndrome in the UK. The last two remaining months of the M.Sc. programme will allow the student to write a dissertation. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be awarded an M.Sc. by Research on Ambient Assisted Living.


Deadline for applications: 2nd of October 2017 (apply here)
Interview of shortlisted candidates: 9th of October 2017
Selected Candidate expected starting date: 16th of October 2017


Interested candidates please contact:
Prof. Juan Carlos Augusto ( www.jcaugusto.com )
Head of the RG on Development of Intelligent Environments ( http://ie.cs.mdx.ac.uk/ )
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology,
Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom