First Year Employability Lectures 2018-2019

This year the Employability Lectures Series runs every Monday morning from 11:00 to 12:00 in room CG76.


Date and timeSpeakerDetails
08/10/2018Prof. Balbir Barn (Middlesex University)Computer Science at Middlesex: Reasons to be cheerful.

In this talk, I will discuss computer science as an important subject and a career, identifying some important industrial trends and how you can maximise your educational experience at Middlesex. I will try and counter some of the issues around employability and what you can do. Finally, I will outline some of the research being conducted by your tutors, how it fits in with the taught programmes and how you can also participate in the co-design of your own learning.
15/10/2018Prof. Juan Augusto (Middlesex University)Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing.

Computer Science is currently transitioning to a different paradigm where computing is much closer to humans wherever they are, anytime, and decisions are related to much more personal dimensions, for example health and well-being. We will briefly glance at the development of this area, its potential and challenges.
22/10/2018Stevan Zivanovic (BTTB Ltd)What it takes to be a Software Tester.

Stevan will describe how he became involved in software testing and why he has found it such an exciting area for over 25 years. We will also explore what software testing is and why it is such a large part of the IT industry.
29/10/2018Prof. Franco Raimondi (Middlesex University)Avoiding errors in complex and critical systems.

An increasing large number of tasks are delegated to computer systems in which software and hardware interact: think of autopilots in modern planes, autonomous cars, medical devices, etc. However, these systems are typically built by humans and are therefore subject to human errors, not only in terms of "software bugs", but also in terms of design mistakes. In this talk I will present some approaches that help in the construction of more robust systems, ranging from testing to model checking, presenting some of my work in the area.
05/11/2018Nadia Alshahwan (Facebook)From academia to Facebook.

This talk will cover what it is like working at Facebook as a software engineer and how that compares to working in academia.
12/11/2018Enrico Scalavino (Google)Designing and Building Products At Google.

The aim of this talk is to give an idea of what Google's approach to product design and engineering looks like, who the people involved are, what their roles are and how they interact with each other.
19/11/2018Nicholas Fitton (Post-Quantum) and Povilas Urbonas(Rolls-Royce)Speaker: Nicholas Fitton (Post-Quantum)

Placements, Networking & Hackathons

This talk will be about the steps I suggest students take when finding a placement, including outreach, networking and interview tactics.

Speaker: Povilas Urbonas (Rolls-Royce)

A year as an intern at Rolls-Royce

Povilas will talk about his experience as a software engineer intern at Rolls-Royce. Also, he will discuss what he did in order to get this placement.
26/11/2018Prof. Chris Huyck (Middlesex University)AI and Computer Science at Middlesex and Beyond

After discussion of Chris' background, the talk will move on to his research, and later onto a discussion about programming, jobs, and jobs in AI. The research discussion will focus on Chris' two main areas of research, neural processing and natural language processing. Neural processing will discuss neurons, cell assemblies, cell assembly robots, neuro-cognitive models and the Human Brain Project. The natural language processing section will discuss information retrieval, conversational agents, and text extraction. Chris will also discuss other AI project he's worked on, and other AI research in the University. The talk will conclude with a discussion about programming, jobs, and jobs in AI.
03/12/2018Nima Fatania (CGI)The sky’s the limit

Academia will teach you what you need, but is this enough to get a job in the tech industry? In this talk, I will discuss my experience as an undergraduate at Middlesex University, particularly the skills and experiences that helped me get a job. Moreover, I will talk about my current role at CGI – Consulting for Government and Industry - and the opportunities available for students and graduates.
10/12/2018Rosie Hyde (Pirum Systems Ltd)Life After University

Life after university can be an exhausting maze. You have to cope with finding a job within a tough job market, learning how to work in a new environment and coping with everything your new life throws at you. In this presentation I will talk about how I’m making my way through it all, give tips on making the whole process easier and reflect on the past year an a half since I started my graduate role.