First Year Employability Lectures 2018-2019

This year the Employability Lectures Series runs every Monday morning from 11:00 to 12:00 in room CG76.


Date and timeSpeakerDetails
08/10/2018Prof. Balbir Barn (Middlesex University)Computer Science at Middlesex: Reasons to be cheerful.

In this talk, I will discuss computer science as an important subject and a career, identifying some important industrial trends and how you can maximise your educational experience at Middlesex. I will try and counter some of the issues around employability and what you can do. Finally, I will outline some of the research being conducted by your tutors, how it fits in with the taught programmes and how you can also participate in the co-design of your own learning.
15/10/2018Prof. Juan Augusto (Middlesex University)Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing

Computer Science is currently transitioning to a different paradigm where computing is much closer to humans wherever they are, anytime, and decisions are related to much more personal dimensions, for example health and well-being. We will briefly glance at the development of this area, its potential and challenges.