School of Science and Technology Seminars

Science and Technology Seminars usually take place in Committee Room 3 of the Hendon Town Hall:

  • on Wednesdays, 3 — 4 p.m.

Organizers: Barnaby Martin and Rajagopal Nagarajan

Next Talk

13/04/2016 Vitaliy Kurlin Topological Data Analysis

Seminars from 2014–2015

Date Speaker Title
15/10/2014 Laurence Tratt Programming language integration and migration
22/10/2014 Zengmin Tian Image Guided Frameless Stereotactic Brain Operation
 29/10/2014 Bin Umino Feasibility Study for Contemporary Dance E-learning Using 3D Motion Data
 5/11/2014 Ian Mackie Linear numeral systems
 12/11/2014 Tran Xuan Nam Physical Layer Network Coding for Wireless Bidirectional MIMO Channels
 19/11/2014 Eszter Lukacs Getting published in the IEEE — How to write a Technical Paper
 26/11/2014 Mike Page Pro-environmental behaviour change: HOT topics and the Cube Project
 3/12/2014 Andrei Popescu A conference management system with verified document confidentiality
 12/12/2014 Marinus van IJzendoorn Prenatal parenting, newborn methylation and child development
 28/01/2015 Keith Clark Programming Robotic Agents: A Multi-tasking Teleo-Reactive Approach
 4/02/2015 David Windridge A Neutral Point Method for Kernel-Based Combination of Disjoint Training Data in Multi-Modal Pattern Recognition
 11/02/2015 Matt Jones Composition Operators
 18/02/2015 Melissa Bateson
 4/03/2015 Ben Dickins
 11/03/2015 Massimiliano Marvasi
 23/03/2015 Mark Harman
 29/04/2015 James Davenport  Quantifier Elimination and Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition
 24/06/2015 Samson Abramsky Contextual Semantics: At the borders of paradox

Past Seminars

Date Speaker Title
16/10/2013 Dan Ghica From bounded affine types to automatic timing analysis
23/10/2013 Don Gotterbarn  Why Ethics? … irResponsible Research Innovation
 28/10/2013 John Harrison Opportunities and Challenges for Automated Reasoning
 6/11/2013 Pablo Brañas Garza Solidarity and Information
 13/11/2013 Huw Jones Arsenic poisoning: detection, speciation and remediation
 20/11/2013 Vinay Kulkarni Towards industrialization of business application development using a model-driven approach
 15/01/2014 Sandeep Kapur

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