Science and Technology Seminar

Date: 20/11/2013 Time: 15:00-16:00 Location: Town Hall Committee Room 1

Speaker: Vinay Kulkarni (Tata Research Development and Design Centre)

Title: Towards industrialization of business application development using a model-driven approach 


We discuss our experience in using model-driven techniques to build large business applications on a variety of architectures and technology platforms. Our foray into model-driven techniques began in mid-90s when our organization decided to offer custom offerings in Banking domain that were to be capable of being delivered on multiple technology platforms, and capable of easily keeping pace with technological advance. We began by developing a set of modeling notations to specify different architectural layers of the application and a set of code generators that transform these models into an implementation. Separating business functionality from technological concerns, and model-based code generation resulted in significant productivity and quality gains. Modeling of workspaces and a role-based process enabled a large team to effectively coordinate application development effort leading to significant reduction of integration effort. Encouraged by these benefits, many large development projects also readily adopted the model-driven approach despite high initial investment in learning how to model. Enthusiastic, and somewhat unexpected, acceptance of our approach led to an ironical situation of the productivity toolset team becoming a bottleneck. We overcame this problem through use of product line techniques so as to model the code generators as a family, and automatically generating a purpose-specific implementation therefrom. During past few years, we extended the family concept to applications being generated thus enabling easy configurability and extensibility. Right now we are experimenting with suitable adaptations of agile methodologies for managed evolution of large application families.

The talk will cover the above journey, experiences, lessons learnt, and a way forward for model-oriented software engineering as we see it.

Brief Bio: Vinay is a Chief Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services. His research interests include model-driven software engineering, self-adaptive systems, and enterprise modeling. His work in model-driven software engineering has led to a toolset that has been used to deliver several large business-critical systems over the past 15 years. Much of this work has found way into OMG standards, three of which Vinay contributed to in a leadership role. Vinay has several patents to his credit, and has authored several papers in scholastic journals and conferences worldwide. A Visiting Professor at Middlesex University, London, Vinay serves on several program committees of international conferences.