Past Events

Our group has organised a variety of workshops and conferences in recent years.

In September 2019 we organised the FroCoS 2019 and TABLEAUX 2019 conferences here at Middlesex.

In September 2015, we organised the 31st British Colloquium of Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS). It was held at Middlesex University, London, on 14th–16th and 18th September 2015.

In November 2015, we hosted South of England Regional Programming Language Seminar (S-REPLS). S-REPLS is a regular and informal meeting for those based in the South of England with a professional interest—whether it be academic or commercial—in the semantics and implementation of programming languages. S-REPLS 2 took place at Middlesex University London, on Friday, 20th November 2015.

Middlesex Algorithms Day (MAD! 2014) was a one-day meeting on algorithms at Middlesex University London, on Friday, 14th March 2014.