New Year papers

The whole group has behaved really well in 2013 and as a result Santa decided to bring us a number of gifts (in the form of accepted papers) in the past month.

Three papers in ETAPS 2014:

  • Foundations for Decision Problems in Separation Logic with General Inductive Predicates” by Timos Antonopoulos, Nikos Gorogiannis, Christoph Haase, Max Kanovich and Joel Ouaknine.  to appear in FOSSACS 2014
  • On the correctness of a branch displacement algorithm” by Jaap Boender and Claudio Sacerdoti Coen, to appear in TACAS 2014
  • Verification of Concurrent Quantum Protocols by Equivalence Checking” by Ebrahim Ardeshir-Larijani, Simon Gay and Rajagopal Nagarajan. to appear in TACAS 2014.

Two items in ICSE 2014:

  • The paper “An Analysis of the Relationship between Conditional Entropy and Failed Error Propagation in Software Testing” by Kelly Androutsopoulos, David Clark, Haitao Dan, Rob Heirons and Mark Harman
  • The tutorial “Modeling and Verification of Multi-agent Systems.”, by Neha Rungta and Franco Raimondi, technical briefing at ICSE 2014

And finally, one paper in AAMAS 2014:

  • “Model Checking Degrees of Belief in a System of Agents” by Giuseppe Primiero, Franco Raimondi and Neha Rungta, to appear in AAMAS 2014.
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