Spring papers in higher level conferences

James Brotherston, Nikos Gorogiannis, Max Kanovich, and Reuben Rowe. Model checking for symbolic-heap separation logic with inductive predicates. POPL 2016.

Taolue Chen, Fu Song, and Zhilin Wu. Verifying Pushdown Multi-Agent Systems against Strategy Logics. IJCAI 2016.

Xincai Gu, Taolue Chen, and Zhilin Wu. A complete decision procedure for linearly compositional separation logic with data constraints. IJCAR 2016.

Guoxin Su, Taolue Chen, Yuan Feng, David S. Rosenblum, and P. S. Thiagarajan. An Iterative Decision-Making Scheme for Markov Decision Processes and Its Application to Self-Adaptive Systems. FASE 2016.

Manuel Bodirsky, Barnaby Martin, Michael Pinsker and András Pongrácz. Constraint satisfaction problems for reducts of homogeneous graphs. ICALP B 2016.

Thomas Bauereiß, Armando Pesenti Gritti, Andrei Popescu, Franco Raimondi. CoSMed, a Confidentiality-Verified Social Media Platform. ITP 2016.

M. Bottone, G.Primiero, F. Raimondi, V. De Florio, A model for trustworthy orchestration in the Internet of Things. IE 2016.

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