New EPSRC grant

Franco Raimondi has been awarded an EPSRC grant in collaboration with Natasha Alechina (School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham) for the Verification of Resource-Bounded Multi-Agents Systems (VRBMAS). More details about the project can be found at the project’s web site:


The project team. From feft to right: Hoang Nga Nguyen, Franco Raimondi, Natasha Alechina, Brian Logan.

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Congratulations to Dr Pratap Chillakanti

Pratap Chillakanti has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Secure Collaboration in Onboarding”. His supervisory team included Dr Geetha Abeysinghe, Ms Elli Georgiadou, Prof C V Ramamoorthy (external supervisor from UC Berkeley) and the late Prof Colin Tully. The external examiner was  Prof Keith Phalp, from Bournemouth University and the internal examiner was Dr Nawaz Khan.

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91% overall satisfaction: Thank you!

Thank you to all our students for this excellent result!

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 12.18.48

You can see additional details at this link:,10007788FT-UG_CSTX_KIS,10007774FT-G400,10007784FT-UBSCOMSING05,10003645FT-UBSH3CSCS

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Papers accepted at AAMAS 2013 and TACAS 2013

Papers by department members have been accepted at AAMAS 2013 and TACAS 2013, both very good conferences in Computer Science. For details, see this link.

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