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Machine Learning for Medical Research

The state of the art AI technology has been playing significant role in medical fields. Recently, led by Prof Xiaohong Gao, Middlesex University is in partnership with several other institutions and NHS hospitals working on

  • AI in early detection of cancers (funded by CRUK),
  • AI in visualisation of HPV virus (funded by The Royal Society) and
  • AI in Pathology (funded by CRUK).

More information on these funded projects are at:

  • Endo.AI – Real time automated endoscopic detection of oesophageal squamous cell cancer in early and precancerous stages
  • Deep Visualisation – Visualisation of super resolution microscopy data with structural contents using deep learning techniques
  • PRISM – Machine Learning for Discovery of Pre-neoplastic signature in Mesothelioma


Prof Juan Augusto is now a member of the BCS-SGAI Steering Committee

Prof Juan Augusto has been appointed (from December 2020 onwards) as a member of the BCS-SGAI Steering Committee. BCS SGAI is the Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence from the British Computer Society. The full list of committee members can be seen here


IDC Special Seminar: “Designed Intelligence” by Dr Connor Upton (Accenture)

TITLE: Designed Intelligence


Dr Connor Upton, Group Design Director, Fjord at the Dock, Accenture, Dublin


Tuesday, 19 Jan 2021, 3-4.15pm (London time).


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Channel opens at 2:45 PM London

Meeting ID: 943 5579 0919
Passcode: kK6eE8


We see a lot of research on how to design for and with artificial intelligence but how can we apply it to real world problems? Many applications of AI are tightly defined and focussed on automation of procedural tasks. However at the Dock, Accenture’s global innovation hub, many clients arrive with strategic abstract challenges rather than well-defined problems. In this talk I’ll introduce our approach to Product and service innovation with a focus on our facilitation approach for AI ideation. During the talk I will cover some of the applications of AI to projects we have completed at the Dock.


Connor is a systems thinker who bridges the gap between design, technology and data science. Initially trained in graphic design, Connor evolved his practice to include information visualization and systems design. His academic research studies socio-technical systems and how interactive visualizations can support collaboration between human and artificial intelligence.

At Fjord, Connor is the Group Design Director for Fjord Dublin, a studio that sits at the heart of Accenture’s multidisciplinary innovation hub, the Dock. Here he fosters collaboration between designers, data scientists & software engineers as they tackle client challenges across a wide range of industries.