Newsletter 1

22nd October, 2021

Publications (in the last 3 months) 

·         Mehta, Vatsal Jitendra and Gandhi, Vaibhav and Mapp, Glenford E. (2021). Developing traffic predictions from source to destination using probabilistic modelling. In: Third UK Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Systems Research Symposium, 05-06 Jul 2021, Online via Zoom.  
Developing traffic predictions from source to destination using probabilistic modelling  

·         Nattaruedee Vithanwattana, Gayathri Karthick, Glenford Mapp, Carlisle George (2021). Exploring a New Security Framework for Future Healthcare Systems. Venue: To be presented at IEEE Globecom 2021: 7-11th December 2021. 

·         Tehseen Zia, David Windridge (2021). A generative adversarial network for single and multi-hop distributional knowledge base completion. Neurocomputing, Volume 461, 2021, Pages 543-551, 

·         D Windridge, H Svensson, S Thill (2021). On the utility of dreaming: A general model for how learning in artificial agents can benefit from data hallucination. Adaptive Behavior, 1059712319896489., 2020 Publication date 2021/6. 

·         Hojjat Navidan, Parisa Fard Moshiri, Mohammad Nabati, Reza Shahbazian, Seyed Ali Ghorashi, Vahid Shah-Mansouri, David Windridge (2021). Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) in networking: A comprehensive survey & evaluation. Computer Networks, Publication date 2021/5/4 pp 108-149.  

·         Hanwen Zhao, Bin Ni, WeiPing Liu, Xiao Jin, Heng Zhang, Xiaohong W. Gao, Xuesong Wen, Daming Shi, Lei Dong, Jichuan Xiong, Xuefeng Liu (2021). Signal denoising of viral particle in wide-field photon scattering parametric images using deep learning,, Optics Communications; 2021 in press [DOI:]. 

·         Xiaohong W. Gao, Barbara Braden (2021). Artificial intelligence in endoscopy: The challenges and future directions, Artif Intell Gastrointest Endosc 2021; 2(4): 117-126 [DOI: 10.37126/aige.v2.i4.117]. 

·         Maleika Heenaye-Mamode Khan, Nazmeen Boodoo-Jahangeer, Wasiimah Dullull, Shaista Nathire, Xiaohong Gao , G. R. Sinha, Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi (2021). Multi- class classification of breast cancer abnormalities using Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), PLOS ONE 16(8):e0256500, [DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0256500]. 

·         Gabriele La Malfa, Emanuele La Malfa, Roman Belavkin, Panos M. Pardalos & Giuseppe Nicosia (2021). Distilling Financial Models by Symbolic Regression, The 7th International Online & Onsite Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science – October 4 – 8, 2021 – Grasmere, Lake District, England – UK. 

·         Godwin Okechukwu Ogbuabor, Juan Carlos Augusto, Ralph Moseley, and Alechia van Wyk (2021). Context-aware Support for Cardiac Health Monitoring using Federated Machine Learning, Proceedings of 41th SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI-2021). Cambridge, December 2021. Springer Verlag. 

·         Carl James-Reynolds and Ed Currie (2021). Towards a Brain Controller Interface for Generating Simple Berlin School Style Music with Interactive Genetic Algorithms. Proceedings of 41th SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI-2021). Cambridge, December 2021. Springer Verlag. 

·         George Dafoulas et al., (2021).  A Proactive Management Assistant Chatbot for Software Engineering Teams: Prototype and Preliminary Evaluation. Niles 2021, October 23-25. 

·         Juan Carlos Augusto and Thomas E. Dickins (2021). The Life-cycle of Artificial Contexts. ISTE Open Science Journal – (Modeling and Using Context section). Volume 4, July 2021. 

·         Juan Carlos Augusto (Editor). Handbook of Smart Cities. Series: Major Reference Works. Springer, 2021. 

·         Jain, Shomik, Proserpio, Davide, Quattrone, Giovanni and Quercia, Daniele (2021) Nowcasting gentrification using Airbnb data. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, Volume 5, Issue CSCW1. In: CSCW 2021: The 24th ACM conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, 23-27 Oct 2021, Virtual conference. . ISSN 2573-0142 [Conference or Workshop Item] (doi:10.1145/3449112). 

Grants and proposals: funded, submitted, in preparation, exploring (in the last 3 months) 


·         Mahdi Aiash and Hector Menendez Benito obtained funding at the beginning of September from InnovateUK (this is the actual scheme: )  to develop their research project MLighter into a commercial product “aimed at detecting potentially exploitable vulnerabilities in machine learning systems”. 

·         Mark Springett is co-investigator on a project funded by EPSRC Digital Economy NetworkPlus  (SPRITE+ (EP/S035869/1)), confirmed in August. Grant Organisation: University of Strathclyde. Grant Award: £29,533 (80% fEC). Project Title: Revealing Young Learners’ Mental Models of Online Sludge. Starts on 01 November 2021 and ends on 31 March 2022. 


·         In collaboration with Dr Emma Ward (PSY) and Mark Springettsubmitted in September a grant to Alzheimer’s Society and with support from different relevant external organizations, to investigate technological help in reducing social isolation for elderly people. 

·         George Dafoulas (in collaborations with other colleagues) has submitted the following proposals: 

·         EPSRC-SFI: PLATON – Platform for Collaborative Learning And Teaching to Improve the Quality of EducatiON Through Disruptive Digital Technologies. 

·         CHANSE Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe – Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age: Social Transformation [Equality Diversity Inclusivity] -Digital Learning Technologies (ST[EDI]-DLT). 

·         Innovate UK Smart Grants January 2021 – Artificial Intelligence and data 

·         Innovate UK Smart Grants May 2021: PP-SMART: Personalised Pedagogies – Creating a Smart learning Model by integrating Adaptive Resources for Teaching. 

·         Horizon Europe – HE RIA and IA: Shall we Dance? Integrating digital technologies (AI, Robotics, Augmented and Mixed Reality) in teaching science and math skills to children using dance. The proposal team included Carlisle George, Stelios Kapetanakis, Giovanni Quattrone, Ariadni Tsiakara and other colleagues from DEM and other faculties.  

·         British council Creative Spark 4th year – proposal with Khazar on Entrepreneurship in Employability. 

·         British council Creative Spark 4th year – proposal with KNU on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

·         Xiaohong Gao, Serengul Smith and Kelly Androutsopoulos have submitted a proposal to the British Council to fund scholarships for Women in STEM. 

·         Florian Kammueller submitted a grant application titled SUCCESSOR — Privacy and security enhanced home-care health care monitoring through attack tree-based modelling, verification and code generation. EIC Transition Grant: overall budget 1943498.00 Euro Partners: Verimag Grenoble, France, UCL Louvain, Belgium, Eonix Mons, Belgium. 

·         David Windridge has submitted an Innovate UK proposal: Federated Blockchain Technology to underpin the Pharmaceutical Trade Ecosystem (PI). He is also preparing for an end of Oct submission for Royal Society APEX: A Natural Language Processing-Based Examination of Criminal Appeals Against Sentence’ (CoI, PI-Dhami) 

·         William Wong has coordinated the submission of a large EU Horizon proposal involving 13 partners on the topic of Visual Analytics and human-centred AI to detect disinformation. 

 In preparation 

·         Can Baskent is working on a Leverhulme proposal. 

·         Glenford Mapp is currently working on one research proposal looking at low-latency networking which is trying to build on our experience with Connected Vehicle Testbeds that we built for the Department for Transport (DfT). 

·         Raja Nagarajan is currently working on a UKRI proposal for the following call:  with academic partners at King’s, Loughborough, York and Heriot-Watt. 

External engagement (in the last 3 months) 

·         Roman Belavkin gave 4 talks at the 4th Advanced Online & Onsite Course on Data Science & Machine Learning | July 19-23, 2021 | Certosa di Pontignano, Siena – Tuscany, Italy ( ): Lecture 1: Value of Information in Neural Networks 
Tutorial 1: Probability and Information    
Tutorial 2: Random Functions and Stochastic Processes 
Tutorial 3: Game and Optimization Theories.  
He also gave an invited talk at the “11th International Conference on Network Analysis NET 2021” and atthe “6th Winter School on Data Analytics (DA 2021)” 

New researchers, PhDs, MRes, visitors, etc. (in the last 3 months) 

·         Augustine Ezenwigbo – passed his PhD viva with minor corrections. DoS: Glenford Mapp, Supervisor: Ramona Trestian

·         Suraj Juddo – passed his PhD viva with minor corrections. DoS. Carlisle George, Supervisor: David Windridge

·         Kajal Mistry – MRes viva passed. DoS: George Dafoulas

·         Stephen Agada – New PhD student; DoS: George Dafoulas; Supervisors:Harjinder Rahanu and Joanna Loveday.  

·         Uchenna Nnawuchi – recently arrived. PhD on AI and explainability. DoS: Carlisle George.  

·         Adetunji Ademola – recently arrived. PhD on Interoperability, privacy and security of electronic medical records: DoS: Carlisle George; Supervisor: Glenford Mapp.  

·         Vijay Chennareddy – Started PhD in Natural Language Processing. DoS: David Windridge

·         Sara Bell – DProf research on interpretability, ethics and AI in the real-estate sector – Carlisle George recently joined supervision team lead by DoS Nick Pizzolato (Business School). 

·         Dr Aamo Iorliam  – won competitive funds (TeTFund Nigeria) to research Covid media reporting trends at MDX (though he will be joining MDX as a visitor since visa rules prevent us employing him directly as planned).  

·         CVR Telangana – Signing of Memorandum of Understanding for future research collaboration (David Windridge). 

Request for collaborations (on grants, publications, etc.) 

·         Carlisle George: Looking for anyone interested in collaborating on AI and legal/governance/ethical issues.  

Any other items 

·         Xiaohong Gao: started a collaboration with University of Mauritius, funded by Mauritius government on AI in Cancer Detection